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3rd Feb 1961

Wesley Guild – Nearly thirty members of the Guild were present in the Chapel to hear Sturton-street choir give a programme of sacred music. The items for the choir and soloist and the recitations were very much appreciated and the evening concluded with refreshments which were kindly given and served by the ladies.

17th Feb 1961

Sunday School – A donation of £10 has recently been made to the Congo Relief Fund from funds raised by the scholars of the Church Sunday School

24th March 1961

ORWELL Congo Relief  —  A  United Service arranged by the Orwell Parish Council to support the Congo Relief of  Famine was held in the Methodist Church, Orwell, on Sunday afternoon March  12th. conducted  by  the  Rev.  R. P.  Lovegrove, Methodist Minister of Royston, and the sermon preached by the Rev. J. Cook,   rector of Orwell. There was a good representative gathering  present for this very interesting and helpful service, lessons being read by Mr.  J. Hurlstone, of the Methodist  Church and  Mr. M Prater, of the Church of England, and members of the Parish Council assisting in the taking up of the offertory. The Rev. J. Cook gave a most inspiring and interesting address, bringing home to those present the difference of the Christian approach to this important matter, pointing out the fact that this movement was supported by non-chnstians as well as Christian people. It was part of their duty to help and help was only at its best when it flowed from the love of God, summing up his address in the words "Whatever we do in word or deed, do unto the Lord Jesus." The collection amounted to the sum of £8 16s. 4d., making, with the balance from the recent Concert, a total of £30 17s. 4d. for the relief of famine in the Congo.

7th April 1961

Methodist Chruch Young People's Day - several members of the Sunday School took part, very competently, in the evening service, Christine Simes conducted the service and Susan Hawkins and Pauline Hewlett read the lessons, which were taken from the new translation of the New Testament. The collection was I taken up by Colin Burling and Arthur Simes, the preacher being Miss J. White, of Cambridge.
Youth Pageant. — At the Circuit youth pageant, "Militant and Triumphant," held at Wesley Church, Cambridge, on Saturday evening. Some young people from the Methodist Church (Kay Anne Hawkins and Susan SI joined with other young people from Haslingfield, Foxton and Meldreth, to present one of the short plays which made up the pageant. It was called "Son  of Susannah," and was about the Wesley family. Several other friends from Orwell went by coach to see the pageant, which was well supported, Wesley Church being practically filled

26 May 1961

Methodist Church Activities – A jumble sale was held recently when the sum of £20 was raised for the improvements fund. Mr C Pearce correctly judging the weight of the cake. A party of young people belonging to the Youth Fellowship recently visited Histon Youth Club for a Rally when the Rev. Reg Bedford was the special speaker. There was also an Any Question session, followed by games and refreshments.

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