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We meet each week to worship God and give our thanks and praise, to share our faith with others and to learn and grow.
Worship may be led by the minister or a Local Preacher supported by members of the congregation. We embrace the traditional and modern in our services, in approach to worship and the use of music. Organ and piano contribute as appropriate. We have a music group, Impromptu, who accompany hymns occasionally and can provide music for special occasions.
We celebrate Holy Communion once a month.

Remembrance and Winter Warmers

Sunday 3rd November 4pm

After the success of the Remembrance and Winter Warmers concert last November Impromptu have decided that they will do another concert with the same theme of a concert of 2 halves. Music evoking remembrance in the first half and music to make you feel warm in the second. Impromptu are a group of Musicians who regularly play together. They perform at the Christmas Tree festival every year and put on a concert in the Chapel once a year. The date of the concert is Sunday 3rd November 2019 at 4pm in the Chapel – put the date in your diary!